"Fantastic children's entertainment!" - TV Inside Magazine

"Conal had a fantastic time today, so did his brother PJ and all his friends. You did a wonderful job of making sure they all had loads of fun without ever losing their attention, quite a skill you have there. Yours is the first act I've seen where the parents were included in the audience too, I know the parents enjoyed your show as no-one stayed in the kitchen they all headed back to the hall to watch your show." - Pat and Fi O'Donovan, Marlow

"The children all had a wonderful time (and so did the adults!). It got Christmas off to a good start." - Val Mitschke, 'Search for a Special Child' Awards

"Thank you for your performance at our Garden Fete on the 26th June. The children thought your show was marvellous. You even managed to empty the Bouncy Castle!" Gillian Richardson, Friends of Grange School, New Haw

"Thank you for the wonderful entertainment you put on for the children, I think the adults enjoyed the show as much as the children." - Alison Upton, Wood Street Play Scheme

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